Salamanca: Plaza Mayor

Teen Says…

My family and I went to Salamanca, Spain for our first destination on our road trip. Although we were only there for one night, I really enjoyed the charm and feeling of the town. When we got there, it was really hot, like 37/98F hot, because it was a few hours before sunset. We stayed in an AirBnB right off of Plaza Mayor. Known as the town square, it also happens to be the biggest square in the area. Since we stayed in the old-town part, there were a lot of neat alleys to walk down. The college is also very beautiful. There were some late goers in the neighborhoods, but for the most part sleeping was quite peaceful. In the morning, we did a guided walking tour with the history of Salamanca described in English. Because of COVID-19, my mom, brother and I were the only three booked for it, so the tour was really personal. Salamanca does have quite an interesting history I must say, the old town I mean. There is the typical charm of an old, European city and yummy food to be had around when one gets hungry. I think I would go back to Salamanca again, just maybe not during August. In my opinion, two to three days would be sufficient time to get to know your way around the new town, as well as explore the streets of the old one.

Mom says…

Give me a town with a prestigious college at it’s heart: Oxford, Harvard, Coimbra…Salamanca, and you’ve given me a slice of heaven. I love what colleges do for their cities. They always bring a hip but intellectual vibe and usually ensure lots of varied and cheap eats. The amazing thing about Salamanca is, in addition to being home to an incredible university (and Spain’s oldest), it also is a stop along the Camino de Santiago/ Via de la Plata pilgrim route to Santiago de Compostela so this 15th century city draws both seekers of intellect and spirit.

Because we were in Spain in August (when many head to the coast) and during COVID, we did not get to experience this vibrant city under usual circumstances but the architecture, history, food and feel of the city left us wising we had more than just a 36-hour layover. Opinion on how long to spend here: 2-3 days. I’d go back just for the Spanish Tortilla.

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