About Us

Growing Muses

I’ve spent most of my professional life as a writer or copy editor and the past 14 years also as a mom. I started blogging—both personally, at Growing Muses, and publicly, at World Moms Blog—in 2010, when my kids were 1 and 4…they are now 11 and 14.

For the past 7 years, we’ve been taking every opportunity to expand our children’s perspectives and broaden their compassion through travel. We are on a grand experiment to raise Global Citizens. We hope our efforts will make a difference.

Queenie Muse

I’m 14 and have started this blog with my mom to experience what it’s like to be a co-contributor and travel blogger. I love collaborating with her on this project and posting about our adventures together.

I have been traveling since I was very young and have been to 20 countries. Writing about my experiences gives me a new way to learn from them.


We are American expats living in Portugal. During the summer of COVID-19, we left our temporary home near Lisbon to spend a month driving up through Spain and France and back again. Our goal: to explore some of the best sites with a fraction of the tourists.

This is our collaborative travel blog about our experiences, providing two perspectives: through the eyes of a teenaged-girl and her mid-aged mom. We hope you enjoy the journey.

5 thoughts on “About Us

  1. You have something really great here Auntie Kyla and Ella! I love hearing about your travels from both perspectives, what you agree on and what appeals to each of your tastes and ages. If someone were smart, they’d pick this up and enlist you in writing a travel guide for families. You both have great insights and observations and your unique writing styles are authentic and thus fun and easy to read. Your pics are great – I love the consistent shots from behind and how you have established that aesthetic pattern so far in these posts. Reading your blog provides some nice escapism in this time of COVID. We miss you and love you lots!!


    1. Wow, thanks Auntie Jane, I can tell you are a really great teacher because you provide such specific and thorough feedback. Thanks for reading our blog. Sorry it’s taking so long to post everything…school is really busy.


  2. Kyla & Ella-
    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog! What an adventure, though I’m sure the pandemic has added a wrinkle or 2. Keep it up! Paris has been on my “to visit” list forever so I definitely plan to get there in the near future!!


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